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Inadmissibility Grounds and Conditions List
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This is a brief summary of major grounds of exclusion. This is not a substitute for legal advice. If you have any questions at all regarding the applicability of this list to you or any member of your immediate family, please contact your attorney or legal assistant immediately.

Health Related Goals:
HIV blood test positive
Active tuberculosis
Unable or unwilling to receive vaccines against vaccine-preventable diseases
Dangerous mental illness

Illegal drug use or addiction


Crime Related Grounds:
Committed one crime of moral turpitude
Committed one crime related to controlled drugs
Convicted of two or more crimes of any type
Suspected of drug trafficking

Committed any offense related to prostitution


Security Related Grounds:
Believed to be entering to spy or break the law
Terrorist activities or affiliations
Past and present membership in certain communist-affiliated organizations (not applicable to non-immigrants)
Adverse foreign policy consequences

Membership in Nazi party


Immigration Law Violation:
Excluded less than one year ago
Committed immigration fraud (misrepresentation to U.S. consulate or Immigration Service)
Violated employment verification (I-9) laws
Smuggled aliens into the United States
Certain former J-1 status holders
Violators of student (F-1) status
Entry without inspection
Overstayed in the U.S. for more than 180 days (continuous)

Failure to attend immigration court proceedings

Failure to report a change of address within ten days by filing form AR-11


Certain foreign health care workers
Fraudulent receipt of public benefits (non-immigrants only)
Draft evaders
Child abductors
Likely to become a financial burden to U.S. government
Claim to U.S. citizenship (for voting, employment or other purpose)
Renounced U.S. Citizenship for tax purposes

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